Things to Remember in Buying an External Hard Drive

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I'm planning to buy an external hard drive for my office files. What are the things I should consider in buying one?

Are there things I need to know and remember?


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Things to Remember in Buying an External Hard Drive


Well Maggie It seems good that you are going to buy an external hard drive for use. Regarding the things that you should see before buying any external hard drive can be

1. First of all you have to see that what are your needs. As you have mentioned in your question that you want the external Hard drive for your office files , it means that you don't have huge bundles of data like 500 Gb and more then choose the size you are needed to preserve some cost.

2. Again there are desktop external drives and portable drives as well , so you have to choose if you want to take your work from one place to other one than portable is the best choice.

3. There RPM speed is also has important , more RPM you can transfer data with accurate speed.

4. Last but not the least your respected budget it also matters .

5. If your data is very much sensitive you also have to check the security features in the external disk , security features are not present in every external HD.

6. I prefer western digital company for external drives its world renowned in external hard drives

apart from that  your personal things matter like, size , design etc


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