There’s a lock symbol on our folder in susu linux

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Suse Linux is the Operating System of our server.

We install our system there and make a folder named "user" where we can save our important files. But we have this common problem, this happen two to three times a week.

The user folder have a lock symbol on it and we can no longer save any file to that folder. Access denied is the message.

We then need to restart our server.

Is Suse is reliable as OS for our server?

What's wrong with our user folder?

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There’s a lock symbol on our folder in susu linux


Hi Cristine Badiang,

Linux is a pretty restrictive operating system regarding which user has what permissions on files and folders. The lock symbol represents that, the folder is owned by the root user of the operating system, only root user has the power to read, write and execute permission on that folder. Regular/general users can’t access the folder. If you want other users to grant access to that folder then you have to change the permission of this folder.

To change the permission, open the Terminal/Console and login as the Root user by issuing the following command: su – After successful login, go to the location where your “user” folder is located. You can use the “cd“ command to change current directory in the terminal/console.

Then use the following command to change the permission of the user folder: chmod 755 user now any user of the system can read and write in the user folder.

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