There was an error communicating with the Plaxo network

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hello, good day to all, I am using plaxo to save my contacts, while I was using plaxo I encountered an error, I cannot connect on the server, as what the error message told me, please refer below the screen shot I pasted.

Plaxo Error


Sorry, there was an error communicating with the

Plaxo network. Please check your internet

connection and try again later.

As I figuring out on the error, it is pointing to my internet connection, I checked my internet connection, it is up and running, since I can browse the internet, I also checked my firewall, there is no limitations that will blocked the said connection to plaxo network, I am now wondering on what might be the cause of the error, please help me with this error, thanks a lot.

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There was an error communicating with the Plaxo network


Hi, so you are getting an error message on Plaxo that you have no connection to the network.  It was a good move to check your firewall.  There could be times when the website itself is down, you can try again after a few hours but in the meantime,   we’ll try the basic troubleshooting first.

Restart your computer and if possible, your modem as well.  Then try to access Plaxo.

If it still does not work, try to double checking on the anti-virus if the plaxo network if it is being blocked.

If everything is ok, but you cannot connect to plaxo ( but you can connect to other websites just fine) try to post your issue in plaxo forums.  There has been a consistent issue with their website for sometime now, and they would require you to email your account details so they can check  your account and make sure its working.


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