Is there a “Search” command in Windows 7 to find files?

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I am used to finding files in my computer’s folders and external drives using the “Search” command in XP. Does Windows 7 have the same type of search option?

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Is there a “Search” command in Windows 7 to find files?


Agree, Windows XP's search button is really helpful and useful when finding files stored on computer hard drive. Specially if you can't locate the exact file is saved.

On Windows 7 Operating System, it also has this feature and functions. Although, it is different than what you used to have in older version such as Windows XP and lower.

Windows vista and 7 version is similar when doing a search of files. This can be done using this command.

Go to Start button
This can be found in the lower left
The look for StartSearch
Usually located just above the start button
It should say Search Progra and files
And it has a magnifying glass icon
Then type the file you want to search
Press the Enter key
This display all the list found

This may display the exact search but most of the time, it will display the list of searches that similar to what you have type. It also display the search that closed to what you've research. 

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Is there a “Search” command in Windows 7 to find files?


Microsoft windows 7 have excellent feature of search which is very quick. The difference between Microsoft Windows 7 and Window XP regarding the search in Window XP you click on my computer than you can see the bottom of search in the toolbar whether in Window 7 when you open the My computer You can see a search box in the right side of the tool bar.

Whatever you want to search just type in the search box on the tool bar and you can see your target file/folder if you are using window 7. On the other hand if you want to find some file/folder in XP you go to my computer click on search then type your desire file/folder then click so it’s a lengthy process of search in it

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