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I uninstalled Microsoft Security Essentials so that I can install Windows 8. After the installation I had to download some files for my project work and Windows automatically scanned them. But I can't find any Anti-virus program running. Please explain?

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Microsoft will be shipping an antivirus protection as standard feature with the new Windows 8 operating system. Microsoft has added features from its Security Essentials program, which is now available as a separate download for Windows users, to the Windows Defender package already built in Windows.

This can help Windows 8 users protected from Malware, along with fire wall and parent controls within the OS without any separate download or pay. You can only make use of the anti-virus program if Microsoft Security Essentials are installed. You need to install Security essentials first because the anti-virus program can be available only after the installation. 

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Yes it does. Microsoft Windows 8 now has a built in Antivirus.

Before, the only built in security software of Windows is Windows Defender. The ability of Windows Defender to secure your computer is somehow limited, although it protects your computer against pop-ups and other software threats, its capability to scan and delete malicious objects can be a little low. For that reason, Microsoft has it's separate software which is Microsoft Security Essential that serves as your additional guard against viruses, spyware and other dangerous software.

Now, Microsoft made our lives a little lighter by building Security Essential into Windows Defender. The advantage of this is it will allow first time user to work on their computer without having to worry about dangerous softwares trying to attack their system. But then, since only one security software is running in your computer, the range of security it provides might not be that wide. Once intruders and other bad guys finds a way to attack that one security software you have, then it will be over.

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No need to worry now Alberto.

It is very true. Microsoft has added features to Security Essentials program, , to the Windows Defender package already built into Windows.

This means that Windows 8 users will get out-of-the-box protection against malware, along with firewall and parental controls from within Windows without requiring users hunt down a separate download or buy new software.

Another new security feature into Windows 8 is protection from bootable USB drives that are infected with malware.

One possible downside of including a single antivirus package in with millions of Windows installations is that it could create a security monoculture where the majority of systems are protected by a single application. Attack that one application, and it could be jackpot for the bad guys.

So celebrate

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Thank you Dona Ace, Fischarinta Cra, and DIonco Jan for all the answers! I noted everything you said. I will not be worried now but still keep my protection. I think I'll download another anti-virus program to have optimum protection. Many thanks TechyV!