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Author: Locsin01
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Is there anyone experienced using the window vista here? I want to try window vista but first to know if it is nicely to use than Windows XP. Please share your experience to me.

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I’ll just say that the window vista compatibility difficulties with many games while the programs of utility it works in window XP. I don’t experience using vista but I have some reviews and that’s it. And I am using window XP tested for a long time.

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In my experience Vista performs better than XP when it comes to files copying. And it also tested by CRN canter for 1.25 GB documents copied. A Vista had a several thing for upgrading such as new feature, improved security and better overall user experience.

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Really! So I better try to use a window vista. Because lately I bought laptop and somebody is aware with Vista Window.

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Yes and obviously XP is an old hardware so better to use a new one windows vista for your computer running better and more features and premium built in.

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Thank you very much for your apprehension about this. I will try to install window vista later and hoping that it will better to use than the others.

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I hope you try also the Windows XP, has a good lead over both of the operating systems. It is tested by many users for searching, downloading and even online jobs using these windows. I also have used it about the years.