Consent.exe needs TCP (outgoing) Vista OS

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For my OS, I trust Linux that's why I use it most of the time. However, whenever I switch on my computer with vista, the new firewall would show me a notification which shows that consent.exe needs TCP (outgoing). Why is this so? I tried to search for answers in the net and found out that there are people who have problems like mine. Why would it need to enter the net? Do you know where this is coming from?

Should I block these as a general practice?

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Consent.exe needs TCP (outgoing) Vista OS


May be it is just a notification that needs you to verify that you indeed want to switch operating system usage from Linux to the windows vista operating system. What do you get when you comply with the error message? In case there is no error message when you comply with it, then there is no need to panic.

Otherwise you may need to troubleshoot any problems with the windows vista operating system, especially the network connection settings that may not be set properly and therefore causing the problem. Check that there is no problem with the IP addresses, then DNS settings and the gateway settings.

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Consent.exe needs TCP (outgoing) Vista OS


The “consent.exe” file has nothing to do with your switching from Linux to Windows Vista and vice versa. It belongs to a particular application in Microsoft Windows and you see this because it asks permission to connect outside or to the internet. One reason why you see this when you start Windows Vista is because it is part of the Windows startup.

When a program is included in the Windows startup, the application starts automatically with Windows every time it boots the computer. You see that message because your Windows Firewall is blocking the program from initiating connection to the internet. If you know the program to be safe, you can click to unblock the program when you are prompted.

But if you are not familiar or you are not sure if the application where the file belongs to is safe, you can click to continue blocking the program.

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