Is there any spell checker for Chrome?

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Is there any spell checker for Chrome. I want a spell checker that's ON always and can see the mistakes or spellings and grammar in any site i browse.? Any addon will help?


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Is there any spell checker for Chrome?


Yes there is a spell checker for Google chrome just follow this simple steps

1. Click the wrench icon  beside the address bar

2. Select and Click Option

3. At the left side choose Under the Hood

4. Under web content, Click Language and spell Checker setting

5. then check the Enable Spell Checking box

There are more languages to selected from the add button you can also add your own word that you commonly use by simple highlight the word and right click and choose add to dictionary. when you want a word not to be spell check just simply  right click on the text area and click spell checker option, there are four options  choose the "Check the spelling on this field" remove the check mark.

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Is there any spell checker for Chrome?



Yes there certainly is, Google Chrome has it's own spell checker. However, if you would like, you may install this particular Google Chrome extension from this link

For the built-in spell checker, follow the steps below in order to enable the spell checking:        

 1. Click on the Wrench icon found at the upper right hand corner of the browser.

 2. On the drop down menu, select Options. For Mac and Linux, it would be Preferences.

 3. Click Under the Hood at the right column.

 4. At the left pane, beside Web Content, click the Languages and spell-checker settings… button

 5. In the Languages and Input dialog that pops-up, choose a language you want to use (for English, select English (United States))

 6. Below, put a check mark on "Enable spell checking" in order to switch the spell-checker on or off.

If you would like to utilize the spell-checker and use a different language, pick the language that you would like to use from the list and click on Use this language for spell checking on the right. In case the language is not listed, press the Add button and choose from the drop down menu.

There is always a possibility where the language you add might not have a spell-checker dictionary offered. If that is so, then it will not have the ability to check your spelling in that particular language.

Adding a new word to the dictionary

In case the spell-checker continues underlining a word which you frequently use, right-click the word and choose Add to dictionary. Be careful in using this option because currently, it isn't possible to take away a word from the dictionary.

Temporarily turning off the spell-checker

You may temporarily turn off the spell-checker for the particular area you are typing directly into. To do that:

 1. Right-click the text area.

 2. Select Spell-checker options.

 3. Remove the check mark on Check the spelling of this field

If perhaps, on a regular basis, you operate using the internet in several different languages, you can actually switch between different language dictionaries while you type.

If you notice that the Spell checker seems to be not working
Try typing a word and make it a wrong spelling
Highlight it and check if it has a red wavy underline
If it does, then the spell checker is working

If still not, then try:
Highlight a word
Right click it
Select Spell-checker options
Make sure that there is a selected language
For example for English, choose English (United States)
Put a check mark on Check the spelling of this field

Another way is:
Uninstall Chrome
Navigate to:
C:Documents and SettingsUSERIDLocal SettingsApplication DataGoogle
Delete all the files inside that folder
Reboot your computer
Open Chrome and try if it works.

Unfortunately for Vista and Windows 7, there seems to be no fix yet. It is a lot more complicated for there OS's because of how their directories are arranged.

In the end, if you are still having a hard time with the spell-checker in Google Chrome, you are better off using Mozilla Firefox which has better options for spell checking.

Hope that helps.

Good luck!

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Is there any spell checker for Chrome?


Google Chrome has a built-in  spell checker that automatically check your spelling when you type too fast in a web forms or text fields. If you want to enable it please follow the steps below.

1. Click the wrench icon on the upper part of your screen.

2. Select "Option"

3. Select the 'Under The Hood"

4. In the "Web Content" section, click "Languages and Spell-Checker Settings"

5. Check the "Enable Spell-checking" to turn on your spell-checking in your chrome.

But there are instances that even if you enable the spell-checker if you encounter a word/words that are not available in your dictionary it was still wrong.  And in that case, you can add that word in your dictionary by simply following those steps below:

1. Right-click text field

2. Select "Add to dictionary"

And if you want to disable your spell-checker, those are the things you have to do:

1. Right-click text field

2."Spell-checker Option" select

3. Deselect "Check-spelling of this field"

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Is there any spell checker for Chrome?


Hello dear,

Yes Google chrome have a spell checker. You can do this by following ways now I am mentioned one simple ways that is Google chrome extension. You can easily download and install spell checker for Google chrome from chrome web store. Just go there and search and add it on your browser and enjoy.

Thanks and Regards


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