Is there any script error checker software program?

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Hi, everyone!

Do you know any script error checker software program? I would like to know if there's any program like this that could detect script errors without even executing it. It would really help me with my work if I could correct scripts before executing it so that I could save more time, hence I could make more scripts daily. Please share in those links (if there are any).

Thanks in advance!

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Is there any script error checker software program?


Hi Clinton Sina,

The debugger modules for each scripts is also in their creator software, for example, if you are to debug a javascript file, you must have the JCreator first, this JCreator is capable of making javascripts and is capable of debugging them, another common script is the VB scripts or visual basic scripts, obviously you have to get first microsoft visual studio first in order for it to be debugged and as for C/C++ scripts, Dev-C is the best debugger for it.

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