Combine .jpg file to .png file

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How can I combine a .jpg file to a .png file? I will be inserting .png as my photo and .jpg is a photo frame, so I want to clip it together.  Is it possible? If so, what software can I use to do this? Thank you.

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Combine .jpg file to .png file


Hi Allyson,

You can try combining the images together using paint. To access paint just go to start, then in the blank search space type in paint and then press enter. Paint will open, copy and paste the first image, then the second. Adjust their sizes accordingly do that they can fit together.

Some other programs that you can use to edit the images include adobe Fireworks CS5 and photoshop. If the editing with them does not work well, then try converting the images to one format, either png for both of them or jpg for both of them and see if it works well that way.


Lee Hung

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Combine .jpg file to .png file



Of course you can do it. I think the best software that you can do this is Photoshop. You can use any latest version of Photoshop to do this perfectly.

I recommended Photoshop other than other software’s because the quality of the work will protect well if you use Photoshop.

You can open both .JPEG and /PNG files into the Photoshop.

You can create new file and cut or copy and insert both picture and frame into it. Then you can change the sixes of the images individually and save it with the file extension you like.

Otherwise you can convert both image into one suitable extension and edit.

Thank you…

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