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I bought a DS fix WD Caviar Blue with a 500 gig, and I wanted to add Caviar Black 1TB (already acquire).at present, I know few people on the forum supported the primary drive having just a 500 gig, but because a Black is faster (and supposedly less susceptible to tear and wear) than a Blue, I think I should use the Black instead as the boot drive, even though it's a 1TB. Is there any reason for me not to do that?

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Hello Leishalynn,

I do not see any reason why you should not use the 1 terabyte hard drive as the primary hard drive as long is it is offering you the best of the speed during the booting process and also when performing other processes as compared to the 500 gig that you are currently using.

But just before you do that, I suspect that the 500 GB hard drive may not be fast enough because you have stored on it a lot of files and therefore lessening the memory space used for supporting the processes and hence the slowing down in performance. So just check that and remove any files that might taking a lot of space and see if the speed improves, since you might install the 1 GB hard disk as the primary hard drive and find that it is slow for the same reason which is crowding files on it.


Mahesh Babu

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If the 500 GB Caviar Blue is your current boot drive, then perhaps the big reason why you shouldn't switch to the other drive would because it's going to take you some time to migrate all your applications and the operating system itself into the 1 TB Caviar Black. You can just create an image of your hard drive anyway, this should be much faster when you're going to be migrating your data.
That aside, you should choose the more durable drive as the main drive since the chances of losing your data because of a hard drive failure is lower. The fact that it's 1 TB shouldn't be an issue. It's only going to be an issue if the drive fails because you'll be losing all the data in it. But this would be the same case on the Caviar Blue. So it's a non-issue on both drives.