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Is there any Find/Replace option in OneNote as that in Office Word and also need an easy way to move through OneNote pages? I would also like to know about the availability of a viewer that will help me view the OneNote files.

Where can I download it from?

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OneNote does not have a Replace/find function

1-Its (Find) function uses the Windows Search index to find search terms in the text.

2-Go to OneNote and copy the text you want to exchange it.

3-Paste it in Microsoft Word (any version) performs Find/Replace what you want in text then copy it and past in OneNote again.

I know that is a waste of time but what can we do J

Easy way to move through OneNote pages:

CTRL+PG UP to move up and CTRL+PG DN to Move down.

You can download the trial from:

Once it expires, you can purchase it on Microsoft website.

Links to Download:

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Thanks a lot.. You have been very helpful

Works perfect now. :-)