TeamPulse has encountered an issue.

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Hello experts,

Today my TeamPulse experienced this error. Until now I didn’t find any solution for it and I don’t know how to solve it. Can anyone help me to fix this one? What is causing this error? Thank you experts!

TeamPulse has encountered an issue.

Tip: Team pulse can continue to function after an error but may be unstable. If errors continue, Refresh your browser, and Team Pulse will reload your current page.

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TeamPulse has encountered an issue.



Sounds like you’re trying to login into one account that you’ve logged out and something is cached and making this issue. The solution is to logout from the user completely and then try to login it.

Open your browser, go to the following URL:

This will log you out of the user and you’ll be able to correctly access the application. Your problem is now solved!

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