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I heard that there is something new product that will be release with the connection to PS Vita and this is the Power Grip. I want to purchase this product because it enables any user a solid grip in order to hold this PS vita.

When it will be available in market ?

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There is a product called Nyko Power Grip, the purpose of this peripheral is to emulate the feel of PS3 controller

As it says that it provides a better, more familiar and customizable grip to ease strain on hands.

The Power Grip also has a built in battery charger that will extend the lifespan of battery shortness of vita.

Most handheld device today have shortcomings in terms of battery life. The device also is available on Nintendo 3DS

like this one:

But it differs in PS Vita as it has a second analog stick.  The Power Grip is priced at $29.99, and will be available at select retailers in August 2012.