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How can I take screenshots with dolphin browser on my android device?

I want to take a shot of a Facebook page, but the Facebook page has a timeline.  

When I take a screenshot, the saved image doesn't show the like button, and the cover photo on the timeline that I wanted to save. 

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If you are not satisfied with what your screenshot looks like after saving it, you can try installing Dolphin Screen Cut. This is an exclusive add-on for Dolphin HD browser. This add-on will allow you to take a picture of your entire screen or maybe part of your screen.

To install this add-on, try visiting this link. This is really a great tool for capturing the whole web page or crop maybe a portion of your screen to save only that part of the page.

With this tool as add-on to your Dolphin mobile browser, you will capture the exact appearance of the web page on your screen.

Sharath Reddy