System upgrade on an Android 2.3 tablet

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Hello to all,

I would like to know about system upgrade on Android 2.3 tablet. What is it all about? And what about Kindroid OTA?Are they referring to the same thing? I just want to know everything there is to know about these.


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System upgrade on an Android 2.3 tablet


Android system upgrades and Kindroid OTA are not the same. System upgrades are the regular upgrades that are available in the market for your device, so far you have latest update Android 4.0 (GingerBread). Kindroid OTA is a security app that provides you the following features:

1. Network Traffic: Capability to score 3G network and Wi-Fi network that runs on your phone and also set a monthly quota and settlement date.

2. Online Backup/Restore: Capability to online backup the contacts, SMS and software list on cloud server or local as your expectation and easily online restore them from cloud server.

3. Anti-Theft: Capability to receive current phone number when the SIM card is changed; Capability to delete personal information (including contacts, SMS and calls) remotely in case the device is lost or stolen; Capability to identify the phone location remotely.

4. Applications Management: Capability to search and download the applications in Software center, and easily uninstall them here.

5. Cloud Anti-Virus: Capability to online scan for viruses or other malicious programs on user’s demand.

6. Privacy Protection: Capability to temporary hide information and events for confidential numbers, contacts and calls selected by the user.

7. Call & SMS Filter: Capability to block unwanted incoming calls and SMS.

8. Boot Optimize (Root Authority): Scan all the applications start at boot, forbid those unnecessary ones to accelerate booting time. One click on optimize to automatically adjust start at boot applications makes booting time faster.

9. Cache Clean: Clean the cache brought by application running. Quick scan the applications with cache and click “clean” to release more memory through clear application, file, search and browser cache.

10. Self-Exam: Give an all round exam to optimized programs and safe items, provide test report and score.

11. Firewall (Root Authority): Monitor network traffic consuming programs with 2G/ 3G seperately, daily statistical show detailed network consuming status. You can choose to allow or forbid network access of each program.

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