System is not capable of hardware accelerated 3D

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I'm trying to run AlienArena on Linux but it keeps throwing an error message:


Your system currently is not capable of hardware accelerated 3D. Therefore alienarena cannot run.

Usually the cause of this error is that there are no Free Software drivers for your graphics card, please contact your graphics card manufacturer and kindly ask them to provide Free Software support for your card.

I try updating my nVidia card driver but still getting this issue. I want to know if its a problem with my graphic card driver or from my Linux itself. Can someone please try to fix this for me? Thanks a lot!

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System is not capable of hardware accelerated 3D


Hi !

You will have to check if the drivers that you have updated are compatible with your OS. Also in online support check with the model and SN of your video card if supports Hardware Accelerated 3D and make the setting following the indicating steps. In Start Menu type "dxdiag" and in Display Tab you will see all the details of your video card. The original driver is all free and available for download on the official site.

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