Symantec Live Update Failed Error

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I was trying to update the virus definitions on my computer to keep it updated and maybe could be helpful to protect it from anything harmful, but I got this error message. Regarding to memory issues, it's fine, and I still have a decent amount of it. I also tried clicking “YES” ,but there is still no difference what so ever. I am not a computer wizard, so I find it hard to find a way to fix this. What could be possibly causing this problem?

I have tried to go to various forums, and so far none has responded. I desperately need some help right now.

I hope it’s nothing serious or harmful to my computer.

LiveUpdate was unable to update virus and security-risk definitions on your computer. Make sure that your system disk is not full and then run LiveUpdate again.
Run LiveUpdate again?
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Symantec Live Update Failed Error


As for disc space, are you sure you have enough space on the C Drive, which is the system drive of your computer that have enough space?

Because, all the temporary files including the update files are stored in the C drive of your computer.

So, if you have plenty of space in D or E drive but no space in C, it would cause this problem. So, try cleaning up the C drive and click yes. Also, this could be a problem of internet connection also.

Are you using an internet connection that uses proxy server to connect to the internet? If yes, then your live update needs to be configured to use that setting. Contact your network admin or ISP for this.

You can also try reinstalling the product with a complete uninstall.

Look here Liveupdate Problem for some more help on this topic.

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