SWT Internal Error Occurred in Eclipse

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When attempting to launch Eclipse, there is an error that says, a "Problem Occurred". When I clicked on the OK button on the error message and go to the Workbench, the error below appears. This started just today and I can't find any solutions on the Internet. I'm not sure why Eclipse suddenly became unstable. Please help me.

Internal Error

An SWT error has occurred.

You are recommended to exit the workbench.

Subsequent errors may happen and may terminate the workbench without warning.

See the .log file for more details.

Do you want to exit the workbench?

Yes     No

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SWT Internal Error Occurred in Eclipse


In Eclipse, this is an error handling mechanism handled by SWT. SWT is capable of activating three types of exceptions, namely: IllegalArgumentException, SWTError, and SWTException. Programs shouldn’t get any errors or any of these exceptions when it is calling SWT. When you received the error “An SWT error has occurred”, it falls on the SWTError exception type.

This error is produced when there is an unrecoverable error within SWT. SWT will activate this error if there is a failed basic platform call. This leaves SWT in an unspecified or unknown state. It is also common to have an unrecoverable error in SWT like for example when running platform graphics resources.

There is actually no problem running Eclipse on different operating systems because it includes support for Windows XP, Mac OS X, and Linux provided you have the latest version of J2SE SDK. But unfortunately, J2SE has already reached its end of life and is no longer being provided in the Oracle official website.

You can download the latest version of Java SE Software Development Kit. Make sure when running Eclipse you have the latest version of the Java SDK.

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