SwiftIRC Version 1.9.2 Error Write to File Failed code:3004

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I have been seeing this notification for a couple of days now everytime I open SwiftKit for Runescape.

It says: “Error occurred on Tue, 17 Jan 2012 21:10:24 GMT Standard Time SwiftIRC version:1.9.2

Error: Write to file failed. (code:3004) in save Settings on line 240”
It’s more of an inconvenience than a problem, but I need someone’s help to fix this.
Also, after the above message appears, another error report comes up if I type into the notepad.
I have the error report below.
Error 75
An error occurred while trying to save your document
Description : The specified Path /file name cannot be accessed or is
Can someone give me a hand solving this?
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SwiftIRC Version 1.9.2 Error Write to File Failed code:3004


Hello. I hope this little help will be useful for you. I will suggest you a few solutions based on error code occurred.

‘Error 3004: Write to file failed’

You have received the error message because SwiftKit is unable to write the latest updates into your hard disk due to authorization problem.  There are few simple ways in order to fix this.

A.  Try reinstalling SwiftKit to a different directory, for example
C:Program FilesSwiftKit_new

B.  If the step above does not work for you, please try installing SwiftKit to your My Document file. You are supposed to have full authorization there.

‘Error: 75’

This error occurs because your notes might have been set up to read only or hidden in Program Data due to unknown reasons.

To solve this, please navigate your file to
C:ProgramDataSwiftKitProfilesYOUR PROFILENotes and do take a look at it.

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