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I have this problem encountered on Microsoft Excel.  Everytime I input a figure for summation, the cell is not returning a value.  What it returns is the same value of previous data.  The SUM function only works when I click on the SAVE button.

Is there any way this can be corrected?

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You may have done my foregoing instructions but just read through them, you might have missed something.

  • Click on the cell for the sum to appear, locate and click on the auto-sum icon located somewhere above the spreadsheet area.
  • After that, drag and drop for the range of the cells to be added. The range is surrounded by marching ants.
  • Double check for the accuracy of the data in range if ever there is no error, then press enter. 

    Just make sure the data in range do not contain text and/or letters for this will give an error to the provided sum.

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Hello Mdabon.

Set workbook calculation to "automatic". 


  • From Microsoft Excel, go to Tools -> Options... -> click on "Calculation" tab. 
  • Under the "Calculation" section, make sure that the radio button for "Automatic" is enabled.

The screenshot below is for Excel 2010.  But the basic procedure remains the same for all past and present versions of Microsoft Office.

Automatic calculation is what you supposed to use. That is, Excel performs calculation immediately after a variable in the formula changes. Your settings probably changed because the Excel file that you are editing was saved from a computer whose Excel was not set to automatic calculation.

Hope this helps!