Standard setup Cisco 5505 with an exchange server

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Hi all,

I am pretty new to routers and all that entails and I have a big problem that is really bothering me. I'm using a standard setup cisco 5505 with an exchange server that clients can access internally using an IP (10.x.x.x) and from the outside using an IP that my ISP assigns.

When inside, I can´t access the external IP. It won´t let me ping or tracert. If needed I could activate the access if I but that is not really the issue. I just introduced a wireless-router to this existing config and everything seems to be working well. However, when people connect to the router they obviously can´t see my mail using the external connection as they are part of the network. 

How do I assign IPs given out by the router access to my mail. This has become a problem because mobile phones trying to access externally try are trying to go through the internal network and they are not able to do that. 

Hopefully this makes sense to you and you can help me.


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Standard setup Cisco 5505 with an exchange server



All you need to do is to use a DNS. I would suggest you to use Split brain DNS. Also check your static command for any errors.

The image below should be the solution to your problem.

DNS Configure

Set up your system according to the diagram above.

1. Use ASA as a firewall for your users.

2. Check whether the DNS query response is enabled.

3. Also check the PAT address and the ISP of DNS server.

These things could be causing the problem.

Hope this information helps you to solve your problem.

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