SQL insufficient memory error occurred

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I have been working with SQL Server 2000-2008 on different tasks, but I recently I encountered a problem. While trying to call “Execute SQL task” in SSIS which calls a stored procedure, SQL throws the following error. Any ideas?

Error code: 300

SQL code: 802

There is insufficient memory available in the buffer pool

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SQL insufficient memory error occurred


This error has occurred due to insufficient dynamic memory that is needed for the SQL server as a result of which this error pops up. I would like you to apply these two solutions to solve this problem the solutions are:-

To make more memory available for the SQL server application follow these steps:-

1 > If other applications beside the SQL server are consuming a vast amount of memory resource try running them on a different server.

2 > Increase the max server memory setting that you have configured before.

The second solution is to free SQL server memory caches by running these commands DBCC FREESYSTEMCACHE, DBCC FREESESSIONCACHE, DBCC FREEPROCCACHE.

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