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Microsoft will release their Windows Phone 8 (Apollo) possibly in the month of October and soon they provide actual feature of it. What special feature we can expect from this Windows Phone 8?

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Many Features of upcoming Windows Phone 8 Apollo

1.First of all, the new operating system will have much more “liberal” attitude towards the specifications of smartphones. OS will support multi-core processors, with four screens of different resolutions and memory card format microSD. Such concessions, according to Microsoft, in the operating system will allow them to compete more effectively with rivals like iOS and Android.

2.Windows Phone 8 will support Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, which is used for contact-less payments and communication with other devices at close range as a substitute to more energy-consuming technology Bluetooth.

3.Cloud service SkyDrive, used for synchronization, support for native code which will facilitate porting of applications to Android and iOS and encryption technology BitLocker.

4.Windows Phone Apollo 8 OS will have built in support for Skype and DataSmart, which aims at reducing and simplifying the tracking of data usage.