Space in ipod touch disk checker more information

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Hi experts,
Is it possible to know the details of the space taken in ipod touch disk checker ; I mean the space taken up by music, data,,,,separately?

Thank you

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Space in ipod touch disk checker more information



You can do this with the help of iTunes. Just select your phone model there and see the colored block at the below. There will be three colors: blue, orange and white.

Here, blue = the memory used for song, orange = the memory used for other files and white = the free memory.


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Space in ipod touch disk checker more information


Dear Moss Mathew,

I searched and found this good method,To know how much free space you have on your iPod go through the following steps

1 – Open or go to your home screen.

2 – From this screen select tab setting.

3 – From tab setting select general.

4 – From general tab select about.

5 – Then you will find under available how much available on your device.

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Space in ipod touch disk checker more information


Yes, it is possible to see the disk space consumed by different types of data like photos, music, apps, movies, and others. There are two ways to do it either via your iOS device or using iTunes on the computer. To check your storage details using your iOS device, on your iPod touch, go to Settings, General, “Storage & iCloud Usage”, and then Manage Storage.

Here, you will see a list of all your apps and the space they each consume on your storage. For a more detailed info, tap an app. Depending on the app, it might be possible to delete its contents or delete its entire contents including the app itself.

If you received a Storage Almost Full alert on your device, which means the storage is almost full, you need to remove less-used content. To check your storage via iTunes, start iTunes on your computer then connect your device using the USB cable. Select your device in iTunes then after that you will see a bar showing how much storage your iOS content uses separated by content types.

To know more info, hover your mouse over a content type like for example Apps or Others. The following is a list of the types of content an iOS device has including the types of data it includes:

  • * Audio – audio podcasts, voice memos, songs, ringtones, and audiobooks
  • * Video – music videos, TV shows, and movies
  • * Photos – Photo Library, Camera Roll content, and Photo Stream
  • * Apps – installed apps
  • * Books – PDF files and iBooks books
  • * Documents & Data – files created within apps; app content like messages, contacts, calendars, and emails including their attachments; and Safari Offline Reading List
  • * Other – Siri voices, Settings, cached files, and system data

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