Error 0×80040208 suddenly appearing on my system

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Hi community

I have been experiencing an error 0×80040208 on my system.

I have been searching a lot for what this error means and what is it meant for but couldn’t find the solution.

I installed the error lookup application and entered this error code but the result it gave was as follows:

The error statement says:

Value: 0×80040208

Error message

A user-supplied component or subscribe raised an exception.

Can anyone please explain what this error means and how should I get rid of it?

I am really confused about this. Waiting for your comments

Thanks in advance


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Error 0×80040208 suddenly appearing on my system


Hallo Abram,

The error that you're getting are from the device itself. Different devices have got different requirements, therefore you will need to play around with the parameters to find out what could be the cause of the issue. First, you will need to check the router and ensure that it is not the route setup for the ports.




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Error 0×80040208 suddenly appearing on my system


Follow these simple steps that you can do to fix error 0x80040208:

1.   Download a window repair program called Speedy PC Pro. This can fix errors related to ActiveX, Internet Explorer, C++, JavaScript, missing EXE/DLL/OCX/INF/VDX, and many more. It can also tune up your system so it will run at its maximum performance. Just click on the link to directly download it. after that, double-click on it to run then click INSTALL. Follow the instruction and select FIX ALL.

2.   Make sure that you have the latest windows updates and patches. Click on the start button then type ‘windows update’ and press enter. It will show you whether it has some updates that needs to be installed.

3.   If after doing all the steps above you are still getting the same error, you can do a system restore.

4.   If system restore did not fix the issue, the last resort would be to download a system repair tool that fixes errors regarding the operating system. Download it by clicking this link.

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Error 0×80040208 suddenly appearing on my system


Both of your solutions are very helpful. I was really anxious about my system’s error, but, your solution Luker Malcom, helped me to get rid of this problem by applying your simple step. Now I am able to make my PC error free and your download links are also super. Thanks for sharing this post.

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