Sound device will work only on specific site and player

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Hello out there,

Well, I have a desktop computer with a Gigabyte motherboard with integrated sound card, Intel pentium 4 (3.0 GHz), 512 Ram.

Operating system is Windows XP and the sound card driver had to be found. I had the hardware details from the Device Manager list; right click on the uninstalled hardware, the one with a yellow background exclamation mark on the left of it, get to the hardware properties details and copy the Hardware ID. It read : PCIVEN_8086&DEV_24D5&SUBSYS_A0021458&REV_023&13C0B0C5&0&FD

I pasted that on and followed a link to get the hardware driver. Though nearly half the characters from the ID above had to be reduced for Google to return and answer.

Finally with the correct Realtek AC'97 Audio driver, I get a sound output.

My constraint is that when I am on youtube, streaming audio, there are times when the sound goes out with the video going on and after intervals, I get the sound back. Note that the video has already been streamed completely. In fact everywhere I stream audio alone or along with video, the sound output is irregular.

I have the similar problem even when I am viewing an *.mp4 movie on GOM player. Sound goes off and on.

But the problem is kind of solved when I play on VLC media player.

I do not think my computer is too slow because I can run many applications including webpages at the same time without a real slowing of the computer speed.

I might think I got the wrong driver, but I had this one described from many sites as the best match for my hardware ID.

If anyone can advise, please help.

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Sound device will work only on specific site and player


Maybe your RAM is too small. Every program, application, file, and webpage you open takes some of the memory spaces in your RAM.  Playing movies and music takes a lot more memory space than opening websites and small files like documents or pictures. Different programs also require different amounts of memory space.  VLC media player is more primitive compared to GOM, Therefore, it requires less additional memory from your RAM compared with GOM. Maybe that's why it is better to use VLC. Consuming all the memory space available in your RAM slows down your computer's reaction speed. Therefore, opening a lot of applications while playing a movie also affects the reaction speed of your computer because of your RAM capacity. Your RAM only has 512 Megabytes of memory space. To clear your RAM to have more memory space, you have to restart your computer. If you don't like to do so, then buy a RAM with higher capacity. If that does not work, then maybe the problem is your soundcard. If that is so, ask help from a licensed computer technician. Hope I was able to help you. Vicky

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Sound device will work only on specific site and player



Google is a good search engine if you want to look for something, but not all the time it gives all the information that you need, you have to dig deeper or look carefully if the information you are looking for is in the list that Google has been presented.

Anyway, it also true that you have downloaded a wrong driver for your sound card, I will share you my favorite site for downloading a driver,

Click DriverGuide – XP Drivers, Windows 7 Drivers, Printer Drivers, Audio Drivers, CDROM Drivers, Network Drivers, USB Drivers, Device Drivers, Driver Download

It never failed me,

All the driver I’ve want is there, just make a free account, and you can search the best driver for your sound card.

Good luck.

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