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Hi All,

In Windows 8 when i try to access the Store i get this

"Your purchase couldn't be completed. Something happened and your purchase can't be completed. Error code: 0x8086000c"

Can anyone help fixing this



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Below are a few solutions to your issues.
Reset the date and time
a. Press Windows key + C
b. Search for date and times.
c. select change date and time
d. apply changes

Allow the apps to use your location
a. Press “Windows + W”
b. Search for “Allow apps to use my location”
c. Make sure “Allow apps to use my location” is turned on
d. If not, turn on- “Let apps use my location”

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It could also be that your store cache is currently full or creating conflicts. If you still have this error, you should try cleaning the cache by running WSreset.exe file present in your system. After you restart the computer your store cache will be reseted.

If you're using a proxy connection, you should disable the said proxy as there's a possibility that the store will not accept your connection without knowing where it is coming from.