Does my Operating System fits my desktop?

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On my own understanding, searching for a perfect Operating System that we used for our desktop is a hard thing to do because for me, there is no operating system that is perfectly designed for each computer. Since computer uses them differently. I would suggest Linux to continue working on their operating system that will load Windows application or even Mac applications. Start asking yourself, does my operating system is really for my desktop?

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Does my Operating System fits my desktop?



It's actually the other way around, it is the operating systems that uses the computer differently. Let us say OS A is able to get certain configuration to function superbly while OS B can only get that same system configuration to function in a mediocre standard. This is because some operating systems cannot optimize or make full use of certain hardware features available which makes some operating system faster than others even if it's exactly the same hardware configuration. That said, what best to consider with regards to operating system choice is what you'll be using it for.


Thank you. Hope it helps you out with your predicament.


Clair june

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Does my Operating System fits my desktop?


Hallo Charles,

Although most computers can work pretty well with a variety of operating systems, there are some that have system specifications that limit them to some specific operating systems. Like you will find that most Macs will not work well with windows while some computers can only work well with Linux while others windows.

So when buying the computer, you should check the specifications carefuly and ensure that the operating system that you intend to use is supported. Also different people will prefer different OSs, so the best operating system for your desktop computer will be that you can work with without having a lot of problems.

When it comes to executing Linux, you will better execute it on windows as opposed to executing windows on Linux or Mac on Linux.


Mahesh Babu

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