Some problems encountered with iPad1

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Could you please provide helpful information regarding my problem below.

Yesterday, it took me 12 hours to upgrade iPad1 to iOS5 and it appears to upgrade effortless, but when it comes to restoring, that really commands attention. Everything seems to be perfectly working fine except that there were some free books that were lost, which means that when plugging my iPad in the USB port of the PC, the iPad has to be rebooted.

In order for the iPad to work, it has to be left plugged in and has to be rebooted forcefully so it can be recognized because when I don’t do this, a message that says that there was a problem and iPad is not recognized keeps on prompting on the screen. The problem doesn’t stop there, because even though the PC is able to recognize that the USB port has an iPad plugged into it, iTunes would not automatically start up and behaves as if one driver of some sort is missing. This is the first time I had this problem because I haven’t had any issues with any iOS4 updates from before. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciateded.


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Some problems encountered with iPad1



Hi Bertin,  

Whether you're upgrading your Operating System you must have a back up of the original system.  The reasons why you encountered such error is that you might probably loose the folder or the other applications that supports the system.  You must try to uninstall and re-install it again.  You don't need to get back again the firmware all you have to do is to apply the backup.

Hope this might help you.



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Some problems encountered with iPad1


Hello Bertin,

The problem is not such big. Please check the following Apple helpline suggestions when you are not able to connect your iPad with your PC:

1. Unplug your iPad first,

2. Ensure your battery is full,

3. Try to update the iTunes version,

4. Restart your PC,

5. Change USB port that you are already using,

6. Restart your iPad,

7. Try to update your anti-virus software which might be preventing to connect your iPad to your PC.

I hope this shall work.

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