Some problem to use Web Cams

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It is very interesting to use web cam . And also is very important for us to communicating 

each one another. Now days I am faching a large problem , my web cam  not 

running well . Sometimes it fail its original colour and good effect. Sometimes

it make darkness then I could not see anything . Which kind of problem is it ? 



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Some problem to use Web Cams


Hi Milon,

A problem like that could be resulting because the registry settings have been tampered with or may be deleted. So one thing I will suppose that you try is uninstalling the webcam completely, then run the disk clean up utility or download ccleaner from the internet and execute it to remove all registry files. Reinstall the webcam and see how everything goes.

If it does not work just yet with the above attempted solution, then you can try installing a new webcam software. For instance I had a friend who had a similar problem he was using hp webcam, but he installed youcam which worked perfectly well for him since the hp webcam seemed to have completely crushed.

Hope this helps.

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Some problem to use Web Cams


There are lots of areas that can be wrong for your problem.

I can provide more accurate answer if you mansion the brand name of the Webcam and the OS you are using.

However first reinstall the software that you are using the web cam or try another way to use the web cam and see how it will work.

Some web cams have options to change the color and the brightness of the image. Perhaps you can change in from webcam.

Finally if you can, try it in another OS.

After doing these entire thing if it as same as before. Probably your Web cam is broken…


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