Some of my Windows files are dimmed.

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I don't know what's really happening but some of my Windows files seem dim. I haven't checked the radio button to show hidden files and folder but there are some folders which seem dim in color. What may have caused this? What should I do in order to fix this? I'm currently using Windows 8.1.

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Some of my Windows files are dimmed.


The files are dim because they are read only file and the contents of the files are compressed to save the disk space.

If the dim files are required for you then you can easily un-compress them following below procedure.

1.    Right click on the files and bring the cursor to properties and click on properties.

2.    In the attributes you will see the Read-only is selected.

3.    Click on the advanced and it will open the advanced attribute tab.

4.    In this tab, uncheck the box for ‘compress contents to save disk space’

5.    Then press ok and check the folder will look proper.

If the dim files are system files in drive C then do not do anything with that. Keep them as it is. If the files are created automatically and you do not have any use of those files then there may be virus attach on your system. Install a very good anti-virus software and scan your system completely.


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