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Hello.  I think my Apple laptop is infested.  I have always stored it inside my dresser, which is just a few feet away from my bed.  My warranty has just expired so I may have to unlock it myself.  Is it possible for me to open it? And can it still be useful?  I would really appreciate your advice.

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Hallo Morgan,

In this case you will have to unlock the laptop yourself now that your warranty has expired. But I will advice that you should have maximum knowledge on what you are doing so that you do not end up doing more damage than good to the computer.

If you are only one hundred percent sure of what you are doing then I will advise you to take the computer to someone who has specialized in the maintenance and repair of PCs to help you out with the problem. Most of these computer shops usually have someone who can help you have the computer repaired and I will ask that you try them.


Mahesh Babu