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Today a good IT infrastructure is very important especially in a BPO Industry.

Without a proper auditing there will be a greatly breach among security.

What system solution/software should a company like in BPO should include or use in their IT infrastructure to have proper audits in any changes in organizations?

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The BPO business is very competitive, some of the ways in which a BPO company can improve its existing IT infrastructure are stated below.

1. Stress testing a companies' network and software systems

A company should continuously stress test its current network and software systems through simulations, and regularly review the results to ensure that the current infrastructure is functioning properly in case if there is a sudden breakdown in the infrastructure, therefore continuously stress testing the systems ensures proper functioning.

2. Global visibility

A BPO company should expand laterally in order to expand its corporate connections by setting up offices in major countries and provide the best possible hardware to ensure the quality of the service that the BPO company provides.

3. Flexibility

A BPO company should have a definitive work methodology that should be flexible enough to provide any changes that the client may require at any stage during a project implementation while being robust enough to ensure the quality of the output at all times.

4. Resilient Operation

A BPO company should maintain continuous operation regardless of changes of the business or the IT environment is crucial for the company to succeed. Operation is further enhances by providing clients with any consulting services should the need may arise whether its planning, designing or the implementation of the project the company should be able to help the client in any way possible.

5. Recovery Services

In this modern age, data is precious and need to be carefully taken care of, therefore data recovery services are a crucial part in any BPO company. Data recovery services prevent loss of key data, productivity and revenue. This service also helps ensure critical system, data business application are available within predetermined time frames.