SolidWorks 3D Design software error

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I have SolidWorks software installed on my PC running Windows XP. I use it to create 3D designs, and it is very effective since it is a computer aided design tool. However, I have been getting an error when trying to open my files and the error is as shown below.


Cannot open 14537_Iv.x_t. Inconsistent modeler version

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SolidWorks 3D Design software error


The file “14537_Iv.x_t” mentioned in the error message is a Parasolid file. Parasolid files use the extensions “.x_t” and “.x_b”. A Parasolid is a geometric modeling kernel initially created by ShapeData and is at present owned by Siemens PLM Software formerly UGS Corp. It can be licensed by other companies so they can use it in their 3D computer graphics software products.

Its capabilities include utilities for editing and model creation like Boolean modeling operators, advanced surfacing, feature modeling support, sheet modeling, thickening and hollowing, and blending and filleting. Parasolid also contains tools for direct model editing which includes tapering, geometry replacement, offsetting, and removal of feature details with automated regeneration of the nearby data.

There is one SolidWorks user who has a somewhat similar problem with a Parasolid file. But after checking things out, he learned that the problem was because the Parasolid file he is trying to import was a bad file or was badly exported. So, if you are trying to do the same thing and you want to import a Parasolid file, the error you are receiving is probably because the Parasolid file is badly exported.

Try exporting the file again. To properly export a Parasolid file, click File then select either Export Selected or Save As. In “Files of type”, select the supported file type then in “File name”, type the name of the file. Next, identify what you want to save by selecting either Save Small or “Save geometry only”.

You may also click Options if it can be configured so you can specify the export settings. If the file type you selected will only create mesh objects, set the mesh settings in Polygon Mesh Objects.

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