Software’s for Windows 7 to edit the file date

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Hi Experts,

Do we have any Registry Editor or any similar kind of software’s for Windows 7 to edit the file date, which has to be shown with the filename?

I didn’t want to add another column to Windows Explorer; I know that. I want that the basic file should be evidence in the WIN32_FIND_DATA structure and should have three date fields:

FILETIME ftCreationTime;

FILETIME ftLastAccessTime;

FILETIME ftLastWriteTime;

If anyone does a modification to the old file, I would anticipate at least the Access Time or maybe the Last Write time, to be changed. But after I rename a file, neither date should be changed when I execute it in VC++ in debug mode, do a FindFirstFile on the directory, and it has to point at a WIN32_FIND_DATA structure in the watch window.

I'm using NTFS for Windows 7. Any help would be helpful.

Thanks for the help.

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Software’s for Windows 7 to edit the file date

Yes we do have a Registry Editor in Windows 7, which is same as in Windows XP.
To open it in Windows 7, follow these steps:- 
1. Click Windows button.
2. On search bar type run.
3. Now type regedit on run Window.
Registry Editor in Windows 7
It can also be disabled, blocked and locked to prevent the RegEdit from being executed by users these are the steps to enable it:-
1. Click on the Windows button > Run on search bar.
2. Enter GPEdit.msc and then press Enter. 
3. Click User Configuration > Administrative Templates > System.
4. Double click on "Prevent Access To registry Editing Tools" option, in settings pane.
5. Select "Not configured" or "Disabled" and click OK.
6. Restart computer.
7. Run regedit.
For file management you can visit this link.
Laz Zebbena

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