Software Not Installed Error with Free AVG 2011

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My system is installed with Free AVG 2011, and I always get an error message "Software Not Installed". I keep on getting the error message on my Windows 7 every time I turn on the computer. This error message should definitely be related to the antivirus software and thus the AVG 2011 that I use. I am looking for the best cure for the error problem to this computer but personally, I don’t have good understanding of this operation. There could be a solution to my problem out there. Can get a possible solution that can get me out of this problem?

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Software Not Installed Error with Free AVG 2011


At first you setup this tool and try to clean Windows repository. With this tool I think you may solve your problem.

Go to –

You may try these method –

1. Start computer in safe mode and run the AVG remover tool ( Download & run it )

2. Check is AVG update available updated update time AVG find or include error files.

3. removing tracking cookies,which are not a real threat

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Software Not Installed Error with Free AVG 2011


Hi, Bernadette!

I advise you to reinstall your AVG. First you should to delete the previous version correctly. For that do the following:

  1. For removing a program from your computer you can use standard Windows program “Remove programs” (Start -> Control Panel -> Remove program). There choose program what you want to delete and press delete on top of list. But I would recommend you to use another program (for example Revo Uninstaller or Your Uninstaller) because they are also cleaning the file system and the register. Revo Uninstaller you can download here:; and Your Uninstaller here: Those programs are very plain you just choose program and press Uninstall.
  2. Also you can use special utility for removing your AVG. For example AVGRemover. You can find it here: Only make sure which architecture do you have: 32-bit or 64-bit and download corresponding utility.

 After you uninstall AVG try to install it one more time. It should help.


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