Error 3361: Funny Popup Virus

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Dear fellows!

I got the virus in my computer. After every ten to fifteen minutes it shows the following prompt.

Error 3361 Mouse has out-of –cheese-error.

Error 3361

Mouse has out-of-cheese-error.

I know its funny, but it’s the most ridiculous thing happening with me as I m very much disturbed with the error. I did scanning for virus, but nothing found.

Now I don’t know what to do, to get this virus out of my box. My box consists of Windows XP with service pack 3 installed and Pentium dual core processor 2.2 GHz and 1 GB ram and 320 GB of hard disk space.

Please help.


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Error 3361: Funny Popup Virus



Based on the image it is pretty obvious that you are under attack by some malware or virus. Although some of these only display funny comments but still it is very annoying. Here are some points to consider.
Update your Antivirus regularly.
Updated Antivirus offers optimum protection against virus attacks. You can also set your antivirus to auto update. In Avast! antivirus, updates of virus definitions is almost every three hours.
Use the boot time scan.
Viruses now a days are very smart. Scheduling a full time scan won't offer a good result since viruses are already manipulating the system. Scheduling the boot time scan ("Every Antivirus has these feature") will prevent the viruses from executing since they are dependent to the operating system when it loads. 
Reconfigure your Antivirus settings before initiating the boot time scan to ensure greater sensitivity. Also, the boot time scan is much faster compared to the normal scan executed with the operating system already running.

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