Software installation error with code 6005

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Need your help Experts,

I was installing a downloaded program when I got this installation error message with error code -6005.

I have searched the internet and found several causes of the problem.

I followed one suggestion to repair the install shield program but nothing has improved and I still got the same error. Please provide resolution ASAP. 

See my error message below.


InstallShield wizard-Setup has experienced an error 6005

InstallShield wizard

Setup has experienced an error.

Please do the following:

-Close any running programs

-Empty your temporary folder

-Check your internet connection (Internet-based Setups)

Then try to run the Setup again.

Error code: -6005

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Software installation error with code 6005


Solution 1: Check your task manager.

Try and stop the processes that is unknown in your computer and try to install the program again. To do this go to your Task Manager and then CTRL+ALT+DELETE to open the window. Then choose Process Tab and then search it and then remove all .exe that you know in there. There might be causing the disturbance for your installation.

Solution 2: Redownload the program again or test to other computer.

Try downloading the program once again. It might be a problem caused by a corrupted file that this error is starting to show. You can also test the program to other computers and see if the same error will occur.

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Software installation error with code 6005



Error code 6005 occurs due to the following reasons most of the time – 

1. No free space on your Hard Drive 

2. RAM not compatible with software requirements. 

3. Problem in Windows Installation. 

To fix this issue, you need to do the following things – 

1. Re-install the software. Before that restart your windows in Safe Mode. 

2. Check and verify that you should have at least 2 GB of hard disk space available. 

3. While you are installing the software, close all other applications to free up the RAM.

4. Open folder C:/windows/temp . 

5. Empty the above folder. 

Your issue should be resolved now. If it doesn't, then it is recommended that you should re-install windows, because the main problem is there. 

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