Software Error Happens With ASP.NET Web Helper Library 1.15.

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Can someone help me with my Twitter Helper & Google +1? I just got this package setup, but I couldn’t use it fully. I’m getting errors with some of the functions of the software. Every time I tweet the texts “TwitterGoodies.TweetButton()”, no link is generated.

The exact error happens with ASP.NET Web Helper Library 1.15. I can’t get through this issue. Add to that, my Google+1 share key isn’t working and keeps on notifying an error.

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Any help is much appreciated!


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Software Error Happens With ASP.NET Web Helper Library 1.15.


If this is the first time it happened after installing ASP.NET Web Helpers Library 1.15, try restarting your computer then try it again.

If there is no change, try doing a clean installation of ASP.NET Web Helpers Library 1.15 to restore it to its default configuration and fix corrupted files that may have developed when you first installed it. Uninstall ASP.NET Web Helpers Library 1.15 from your machine then restart you system when asked.

After booting, check your computer for any possible errors. Use a disk utility application to check the system. For a much thorough diagnostics on the system, use a disk utility application like Norton SystemWorks or Norton Utilities. Install the software again after this and then see if this fixes the problem.

According to the website where I found the application, ASP.NET Web Helpers Library 1.15 is not the latest version. Upon browsing the site, I found a much newer version and it seems that it is the latest version available.

You may upgrade your current version to ASP.NET Web Helpers Library 2.0.20505.2 which was last updated on June 29, 2012. To download ASP.NET Web Helpers Library 2.0.20505.2, you may visit nugget gallery — ASP.NET Web Helpers Library 1.15.

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