Soffice error occurred on WebMail

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I often get this error message when clicking on the WebMail or WebQuarantine link. Why does it happen? Does it happen in high security network environments? If you have any resolution related to this weird error please share with me immediately. Thanks in advance.



An exception occurred



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Soffice error occurred on WebMail


The “soffice” error on your computer really refers to soffice.exe which is included in the OpenOffice StarOffice suite. The OpenOffice StarOffice suite is a software package that offers word processing, spreadsheet processing, and other programs. The soffice.exe program is an unneeded system process that normally runs at startup when you open OpenOffice StarOffice.

It displays the StarOffice quick start applet in the system tray and right-clicking on the icon will allow rapid opening up of the StarOffice 6.0 suite components. Though it is less important, it should not be terminated unless it causes system problems. Some malware disguises itself as soffice.exe especially if the file is located in the “C:WINDOWS” or “C:WINDOWSsystem32” folder if you are running Microsoft Windows.

If you found this file in any of these folders then it is probably not the original program that is part of OpenOffice StarOffice. In this case, update your antivirus then run a scan on your computer. To completely stop soffice, you need to uninstall OpenOffice StarOffice from your computer.

You can use the Add or Remove Programs applet in the Control Panel to uninstall it or just use the uninstall link found in Start, All Programs, OpenOffice StarOffice program group.

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