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 I have no idea with CORBA.

What does it do?

What are its benefits?

Please leave some comments.


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The CORBA Stands for Common Object Request Broker Architecture it is a computer Application which is work together over the networks having vendor – independent architecture. 

This is using IIOP protocol, The CORBA based application can interoperate on the same and any other computer on the network which is the base on the same program.CORBA is embedded in the Networking Devices in some large Companies such as finance and medical applications.

Major feature is that can handle a large number of clients with high reliability and also specialized version of CORBA run on embedded systems and real time systems.

And its drawback is that it is not used for large applications.

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CORBA stands for Common Object Request Broker Architecture.

It’s a standard that allows software components running on numerous computers that are written in different computer languages to function together as described by OMG or the Object Management Group.

We can give an example of this standard in a normal application that can be installed on different operating systems.

So generally when CORBA is applied, it creates cross-platform software.

It is a mechanism in the software that normalizes the method-call semantics among application objects located either in the similar address space [for the application], or in the remote address space [the same host or remote host over a network].

The version 1.0 of CORBA was released in October of 1991.

Sharath Reddy

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Thanks guys, I am enchanted with your solutions. Both your comments are very informative as well as educative and helped me to be acquainted with CORBA. You are sharing your ideas regarding the CORBA computer application and most especially the flow of this app. Its tremendous feature-rich, acceptance numerous programming languages, operating systems as well as a diverse range of abilities, for example transactions, safety, its services that are essential for many project level applications although, this information was not familiar to me prior to studying your comments. Thanks one more time for illuminating me about what CORBA is as well as its advantages.