Snapshot from my own PC.

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I want to write a book about computer hardware and software with images.

I can download images for hardware from Google but I need to take some screen shots for specific software from my own computer as like the given image.

How can I do it?


snapshot of pc
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Snapshot from my own PC.


Yes, you can easily take screen shot from computer. There are some instruction is given below:

a) There is a button in keyboard named “prtscsysrq”.

b) It means Print screen system request.

c) If you want a screen shot in your computer just press the button only one time.

d) Then you have to paste it in MS office or Microsoft paint.

e) Open Microsoft paint, then press cltr+v and save it as jpg/ping whatever you want.

f) In MS office you have to use same process to save a screen shot and then you can also save another in the next page by doing same thing.

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Snapshot from my own PC.


For screen shot from your pc there are quite a few technique. If you want to use some software you can use snap a little but useful software. link: . If you don’t want to use any software then you can always use the “prtscsysrq” key (from the keyboard)and “paint” utility (comes with windows OS).

But you said that you want to write a book, I personally recommend that you should definitely use “MS Office 2010”. It gives you grate control over what you want to do and also has a built in “screenshot” system. Just go to insert > then click screenshot, it’ll give you a list of windows available for taking a shot. See the image below, believe me its that easy!

screen shot techniques

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