Skype application Exception EAccessViolation error in Windows 7

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Hello experts,I was using Skype for quite long time, when I try to open Skype all of a sudden I got his pop up message. It worked well in Xp operating system, but this happened in windows 7. Tried million times to uninstall and reinstall the Skype, but nothing magic happened. Also I updated my operating system and also updated my web cam and microphone too. Experts help me solve this issue.

Exception EAccessViolation in module ntdll.dll at 00032239.Access violation at address 777F2239 in module ‘ntdll.dll’. Write of address 00000014.

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Skype application Exception EAccessViolation error in Windows 7


Hi Robert

This kind of problem usually occurs if the installation is not correct. See if the version of Skype you are using is the latest one. If yes, then try doing a clean install like I suggest below. Clean install means you remove all traces of the problematic software and do a fresh install. Here are the steps

1. End any Skype processes that may be running.

2. Go to Control panel then Add/Remove Programs and then uninstall Skype from there.

3. Click on Start and type %appdata%, this will open up the folder where all your application data is stored.


4. Go to the Skype folder and delete the shared.xml file.


5 Go to the folder with your Skype name and delete the config.xml file.


6. Reinstall Skype after doing the above steps.

If, however, the above steps don't work, go the %appdata% folder and simply delete or rename the entire Skype folder and then reinstall.



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