Shut Down Computer while playing Cricket-2011

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Hello Everyone,

I have a desktop computer. I used Duel Core CPU E5500 @ 2.80GHz processor, ECS G41-M7 motherboard, 500 GB Hard disk driver, 2 GB of RAM and OS is windows 7. But while running a cricket game version Cricket-2011 my computer shut down suddenly.

What can I do now to solve this problem?

Please someone help soon.

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Shut Down Computer while playing Cricket-2011


Please try this experiment: Open your computer's casing and point an electric fan at your motherboard. If your PC does not shutdown while playing then it's a sign of overheating – your processor or graphics card (or both) is getting too hot from all that playing.

Install a temperature monitoring software such as "Core Temp" and monitor your system's temperature as you are playing. There are also tools that monitor your graphics card's temperature. 

Does your system shutdown during CPU-intensive tasks or only during graphics-intensive tasks?

If it shuts down during CPU-intensive tasks that are not graphics-intensive (such as encoding mp3, encoding movies) then your processor is the one heating up and not the graphics card.

If you notice that these components are getting too hot, consider checking the heat sink and fan of both.


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Shut Down Computer while playing Cricket-2011

Genebraldo Regio. There are 2 reasons:
1. Your Game working is out of system order.
2.Your Hardware Temperature is too high.
So first check your game details and processing details while Game playing. 
Then, download Temperature indicating software like Speedfan. It’s free and easy to use.
Check system temperature while game playing. If your system heating is more than 65C, your PC will auto shutdown.
So check your System Temperature. If it goes more than 50.55C when you check, Shut down your PC manually and Check CPU and GPU fans and clean them. Try to keep your PC in 35C.
Good luck

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