Should I use this adapter for my laptop?

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My laptop's charger input handles 100-240V and 50-60Hz. On the other hand, the adaptor is 230V and 50Hz. Will I end up bricking my laptop if I use the adapter? I mean, the laptop's capacity is low but the adapter is much more powerful. Please suggest me some factual ideas. Do I need another adapter?


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Should I use this adapter for my laptop?



Laptop is made for low power consuming parts and any part that consumes more than that is strongly recommended to be avoided.

Your laptop can handle 240V electricity. If the adapter’s power source is directly from your laptop, then it must be avoided. But if the adapter has its own power supply cord and is to be connected with your laptop via any ports, then it’s alright. There’re lots of parts like that which does the same job.

For example, if you’re using any adapter for any speaker or anything like that, it must be connected with any PC. This connection can be established by USB, Bluetooth or others. But if your adapter will be connected inside or directly in your laptop, like graphics card that consumes lots of energy, if its requirement is more than capacity, it must be avoided.

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