Should I buy a tablet or an e-reader?

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I am a university student, and I have weekly readings that I need to do while on the move. I would like a portable device that would allow me to read files in both. Epub and.PDF formats. Most importantly, I would like to be able to modify these texts, such as underlining important bits, or taking notes about difficult passages. Is there an e-reader that does this, or am I better off buying a tablet?

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Should I buy a tablet or an e-reader?



Well e readers are older then tabs and cheaper too. Undoubtedly tablet computing has changed our world and preferences quite alot, but if its just about reading and managing texts, then moderns e readers are still holding their ground very well. Then choice between a tab and an e reader is really tough. Some points which may want to know:

Screen size: The e-readers like, Kindle Fire etc. generally have 7-inch screens. Whereas, Tablets, come in a variety of sizes, but normally, have 10-inch screen like iPad, Asus E Pad Transformer, Toshiba Thrive or Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Software: E-readers run a very specific OS like The Kindle Fire, runs exclusive proprietary version of Android owned by Amazon, which supports fewer features apps. On the other hand. The tablets provide full-fledged computing facility with thousands of apps to serve your different purposes.

Storage: The e reader usually has around 8 GB of memory, which is fair enough to store a library. Tablets generally has 16 GB-64 GB of storage space, enough to fit nearly 10,000 books and many more songs videos and movies on the device. But now-a-days, modern e- readers are coming with expandable memory option.

Connectivity: Modern e- readers like the Kindle Fire and the Nook are able to access the Internet via a Wi-Fi connection. Similarly the iPad and other tablets also have Wi-Fi options.

Rich Text experience: Generally e-readers are ideal for fiction kind of books. Non-fiction titles, where you need to work with text (i.e. note-taking, bookmarks, highlights), then tablets will be much better option.

Hope this information will help you in making your decision.

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Should I buy a tablet or an e-reader?


Hi Amanda,

You are definitely better off buying a tablet. Along with all the available technology today, it really help us to simplify things in our life. However, the more device that is in store for us, is the fact that it somehow makes us confuse of what to buy and select the most practical.

To fully understand the device that we buy in the stores, we have to asses first ourselves if what type of user are you. On the other hand, our mind also battles with the thought "Which can make me save more money?". This is normal for people to think this way. In fact, it is also necessary that we should  think a hundred times first in buying a device. You should also try to read reviews about your desired device online so that it can give you idea about usability, practicability and reliability. But, let us always be reminded that the best person who can asses the need of buying the device is yourself. 

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