Short keys for Grid controls of Warcraft 3

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I am currently playing Warcraft 3. I need to know the short keys for Warcraft 3 grid controls. Can anyone help me?

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Short keys for Grid controls of Warcraft 3



Hi Scott,

The shortcut keys for Warcraft 3 to control units and give commands are given below, these include individual unit commands as well as for units selected in groups,

M – Move

A – Attack

P – Patrol

S – Stop

H – Hold Position

D – Defend

These are the basic short keys for single and grouped units, whereas specific commands are also available for different units such as building commands for Peasants,

(After selecting build option)

H – Town Hall

B – Barracks

L – Lumber Mill

S – Blacksmith

F – Farm

T – Scout Tower

A – Altar of Kings


For specific moves assigned to Hero units, (the basic movement and attack short keys also apply)


O – Hero Abilities

T – Holy Light

D – Divine Shield

V – Devotion Aurora

R – Resurrection

Arch mage:

O – Hero Abilities

B – Blizzard

W – Water Elements

R – Brilliance Aurora

T – Mass Teleport


Similarly for Heroes in Orc and Dead bases have their powers in accordance with the first Letter. 

You can also see the shortkey to a power or move by dragging your cursor over that power's icon, the shortkey is displayed next to it in Yellow.

Hope That Helps.

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