Set up operating system without cd-rom

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Hello, I am here with a very complex problem indeed. I am a laptop user. I am using Windows XP in my laptop.

For the last few days I have been wanting to set up an Operating System on my laptop. Last day, I set to start the set up but my CD-ROM is not working. I tried a number of times but its not working. I need to set up an operating system immediately, but don’t know how? 

Can anyone help me overcome this problem? Please.

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Set up operating system without cd-rom


Hello dear D,

This is so sad to hear about your CD-ROM. But don’t worry, there is a very good solution to your problem.

You need a SATA hard disk drive or SATA CD/DVD ROM and SATA to USB converter. Let me make it clear; SATA to USB converter, is a set of some cables which help you to connect a SATA external drive to your laptop, through the USB port. Are you confused?

Don’t be confused! In the market, this type of converter is available and quite cheap. This converter consists of five cables. These are:

  1. SATA power cable
  2. SATA data cable
  3. Converter
  4. AC input power cable
  5. Power cable to connect in HDD or CD/DVD ROM.

I attached an image of this set for your help, check it out.

By this set you can easily connect a SATA HDD or CD/DVD ROM to your laptop.

Then choose this USB drive, as first boot from your Motherboard and set up the operating system to your laptop. Hopefully you can collect these things and make your laptop as you want. Thank you.

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Set up operating system without cd-rom


Hello dear Jack,

Your problem seems to be very easy to solve. You just need  Windows XP’s back up, from any other PC or a friend’s PC. Let me clarify.

First copy the total Windows XP CD in any other drive of a computer. As you say your CD ROM is not working so try it on your friends computer. Then copy the total data folder in a USB pen drive. Now connect the pen drive in your laptop. You can set up the operating system very easily from this. There are two ways to accomplish this work.

  1. Copy the total folders to any other drive other than the C: drive. Then set up the Windows XP.
  2. You can also set up Windows XP from your pen drive directly, by choosing the boot device. For this, go to your BIOS and select the USB device, as boot device and then accomplish the set up.

Hope you got me totally. Hope your problem is also solved. Thank you.


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Set up operating system without cd-rom


Hi Dear,

It is very sad when some of our devices become unresponsive.

You do not have to worry about it.

Just leave the CD ROM, and use a Flash drive or Pen drive as a booting device.

Get a flash drive and make it bootable with WIN-to-flash software.

You can download it anywhere.

Or you can also make it bootable with commands, and run the Windows XP setup from the flash drive.


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