Set up an audio record and playing repeatedly in presentation

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I am using a MS PowerPoint 2003 presentation file.

When I record an audio on MS PowerPoint, how do I get it to play throughout the entire slide show, versus just playing on each slide that the recorded audio is on, such as playing one song throughout my whole presentation?

And how can it possible to put one track playing repeatedly on a whole presentation?

How can I do set up a audio record and playing repeatedly in my presentation?

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Set up an audio record and playing repeatedly in presentation

  • First Click on the slide where you want the Audio File to start.  
  • Click on the Insert Menu and then click on Movies and Sounds and the click Sound from File.  
  • Select the Audio File you want to play and the. Click OK.
  • In the box that appears with a message, Click YES to play the sound files automatically
  • Then Right click on the sound that appears on the slide and the click on Custom Animation.
  • In the Custom Animation Box, right click the media file on the list, click Effect Options, and then click the Effect tab.
  • Then Under Stop Playing, select the option the you want, from what slide to what then Click OK
  • Now click the Custom Animation window
  • Now, right click the sound and click on  Edit Sound Object  
  • Click to select the Loop until stopped box, and then click OK.
  • Lastly, I would suggest to run the presentation to see if it works as desired. 

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